Friday, November 16, 2007

House Plans

The more work I do on my house the more "envious" I am of my sis, who cheated & bought a modular frame house. It may have taken 6 months start to finish to get into it & their yard was a mess for a year after, but she has a nice, clean, fresh house! I have an icky basement, need a new roof & don't get me started on the electrical. Makes me wish for a clean slate, start over & build our own house!

If we do decide to move our biggest issue after finances will be where to build. It's not like there are tons of 10 acre plots out there just waiting for me to come put a house on (ok maybe there are, but I'm not gonna have the $ left to put a house up!)

We found a nice plot of land, or so you could say, but the house currently on it would have to go! Then our problem becomes the lot is a tiny beach community lot. There was maybe 1/4 of an acre I believe, so tons of room considering the usual beach cottage lots! The solution could be Narrow Lot House Plans. This website has plans for everyone! There seem to be lots of narrow lot plans in all sizes! I know our basic requirements are 3-4 bedrooms (depending on if there is a basement or not) & 2 1/2 baths. Mostly because I want my own bathroom in the master suite & a 1st floor half bath is great for everyday use.

Of course when I typed in my "dream home" requirements I ended up getting try again!!! Of course I'm sure that my idea of a "dream home" wouldn't fit on a narrow lot either. I know that everything I want in a house isn't going to be found in a 1100 square foot bungalow. But keep in mind we are spread out over about 3000 square feet now, so losing 2000 square feet would seriously cramp our way of life!!!