Thursday, February 22, 2007

Royal Treasures

I was just asked to write about this food site Royal Treasures. I had never been to the site before, but their product sounds fantastic! How can you go wrong with a motto of "Chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays." Based in Graham North Carolina this "bakery" seems to have very focused company plan. Do a couple things really well & customers will follow. According to the website their business started like many food business do, in their home kitchen. It's amazing how sometimes a simple gift from your kitchen can turn into a thriving food business!

They have truffles available individually or in baskets. They have 4 levels of gift basket available for order online, but of course if you want something special they can accommodate you.

The Royal Treasures website also has brownies and Pecan Pies available. There are 8 varieties of brownie to choose from, how about some Triple Chocolate, or my favorite kind of brownie Peanut Butter...YUM!

I think my only complaint about the website is the photos are a little on the not mouth watering side, and I'd like to see pictures of all the brownie varieties. But over all Royal Treasures is a website worth visiting!