Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thanksgiving dinner

I am hosting 2 Thanksgiving dinners this year. Both families are coming to our house. Hubby's family is coming Thursday & mine Saturday (I think). I chose this so don't feel too bad for me, LOL! It just works out better with the kids birthdays and all.

This means that over the next 2 weeks I will be doing an inventory of my supplies and planning the menu. I need to take stock of everything from my serving spoons to my chafing dishes. I think I am ok, except for some new pot holders and a couple new platters. I only have one that's large enough for a turkey. I also need to set my grocery shopping lists so I can spread it out over the next two weeks. I really dislike last minute shopping!

My in-laws adds up to 20 if everyone makes it. That's not huge until you try to sit down to eat! Now that I have my new dinning room table, I need to acquire some chairs. Thankfully my in-laws have a vast collection of folding chairs I can borrow. But they are on my "to Buy" list.

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Eileen said...

We have arranged Thanksgiving dinner this year at our friend's house, I'm so excited for it.