Friday, November 7, 2008

Need new checks?

I will be needing new Checks sometime in the next couple of months. It's amazing how quickly you go through them when you have children in activities! That pretty much sums up 75% of my expenses out of that account! Fund raisers, lunch, tution, home parties, it's just crazy! I'm burning through the first round of checks like mad & I'm really not a check person. It's just easier for those types of expenses. We've only had 6 fund raisers so far this year!

I like my Personal Checks to be just that, personal. If I have to pay for them, I like them to be "me" in some way. Something like custom photo personal checks works for me. What better than a picture of my smiling children every time I have to pay the bills!

If you are just looking for the standard value priced checks how does 150 single checks starting at $3.89. Not too bad. I think I had to pay $15 through my bank (first time discount) and they are just standard, run of the mill checks!

Carousel Checks has business checks, laser checks, desk sets, stamps, labels. It looks like a one stop shop for all those needs. Shipping on 150 singles is only $2.95.