Monday, September 22, 2008

Easy Pizza Crust

So regular readers will know that I love to make my own pizza crust, from scratch & with great stuff like whole wheat flour & milled flaxseed. But sometimes convenient is just better! What can be more convenient than popping a tube & using your leftovers to make a one of a kind pizza in minutes, no knead to wait on dough, get it, ha!

This was in my email, it's going straight to my shopping list. It will be a great help since hubby is now cooking 3 nights a week!

Get In on the Fun of Making Pizza at Home

With New Pillsbury® Thin Pizza Crust

Pizza has wedged its way into almost every home in America, serving as an easy meal on busy nights. The most appealing kind is homemade pizza—a simple, cost-effective option that allows people to customize their toppings and enjoy the fun of making pizza at home.

Now Pillsbury is offering a new way to make your pizza at home—thin crust style. Joining the popular classic crust option in stores, the new Pillsbury® Thin Crust Pizza Crust is a crispier option that’s easy to use and gives families the choice of a thinner and more classic-style crust when building personalized pizzas at home. Just unroll, top with favorite ingredients and bake either crust for a warm-from-your-oven, homemade pizza with a delicious, evenly browned crust every time.

People have told us how making homemade pizza is a family tradition, says test kitchen experts in the Pillsbury Kitchens at General Mills. They remember making homemade pizza from scratch as a child, and now want to make it a fun activity they can share and enjoy with their kids. It’s a special treat, because everyone can choose their toppings and personalize their own part of the pizza.

Pillsbury has created four new recipes that start with convenient Pillsbury® Thin Crust Pizza Crust. From hearty meats to colorful vegetables and fresh herbs, the toppings create perfect pizzas that are kid-friendly and appeal to more adult tastes.

Chicken ’n Bacon Ranch Pizza is an easy, delicious alternative to tomato sauce–based pizza. Italian seasoned chicken strips, crispy bacon, Roma tomatoes, onion and ranch dressing are combined for a savory mix. The pizza is finished with a combination of shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. The tempting tastes will be a popular pick for all ages. You can even use leftover chicken for this recipe.

Meat lovers will crave the smell and taste of the hearty Mega Meat Pizza. Italian sausage, ground beef, sliced pepperoni, deli salami and Canadian bacon cover the tomato sauce base and a sprinkling of shredded cheddar and mozzarella cheese tops off the meaty masterpiece. This recipe is sure to satisfy even the biggest appetites in the house.

For a more gourmet touch, try Spinach and Caramelized Onion Pizza. The onions are caramelized to a golden brown in olive oil with a dash of sugar, balsamic vinegar, salt and garlic. Next, the savory onion mixture is spooned evenly over the crust and topped with spinach and a layer of three cheeses. The caramelized onions bring a touch of sweetness to complement the delicate flavor of the spinach. This recipe is delicious as a main dish or can be cut into smaller squares for an impressive appetizer.

Tomato Pesto Pizza brings a trendy restaurant favorite home. After one bite, you’ll know you’ll be making this recipe again and again. It’s simple and just tastes great. The pesto sauce is balanced with an Italian blend of cheese, while the Roma tomatoes and sliced fresh basil add color and a burst of flavor. Tomato Pesto Pizza is a pretty recipe with wide appeal.

From the eager beginner to the practiced pizza baker, everyone will enjoy using Pillsbury® Thin Crust Pizza Crust or Pillsbury’s classic crust. The new thin crust is now available nationwide in the refrigerated dough section of your supermarket. The suggested retail price is $2.49 for one pizza crust.

To find more than 50 additional pizza recipes for both Pillsbury’s thin and classic pizza crusts, visit


Donna said...

Yum, all those pizzas that you have listed are making me hungry and it's not even 10am yet. And that pizza crust would make it quick and easy to make a pizza at home.