Monday, August 4, 2008

Grilled Walleye

We made this one night in July at my Parent's. My Brother had just been in a fishing tournament that his team won, so there was a LOT of fish! My brother described this method as "creating a hot tub of butter for the fish to cook in" that should help with a visual!!!

1 pound butter

1 onion sliced thick, or chunked
Walleye (we had a LOT of fish but I'd guess 2 -3 pounds per container)

Place enough fish in a foil tray to fill tray (banquet style). Place pats of the butter over the fish. Top with the onions & add seasonings to taste.

Cover tray tightly with foil. Grill on medium heat until fish is flaky and white. It took about an hour but we had 2 going.