Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crab - my second favorite food

So pizza is probably the hands down winner of my favorite FOOD, alaskan king crab comes in a close second. Of course that is just food, I'm not counting desserts here people! There really isn't much better than a plate full of steaming hot crab legs and some butter. Now I'm hungry...

We spend our evenings riveted to reruns of the "Deadliest Catch." The things they go through so we can enjoy a nice dinner of alaskan king crab legs is amazing. I don't think I'll be running up to Alaska for the season anytime soon. Although they are well paid, the job is worth every penny! It's like hazard pay times 10!!! Although the article here on fishing for crab talks about the controversy involving the Captain of the Northwestern and the marketing Russian crab, one can hardly blame him for wanting to take advantage of their new found fame! After all, I've seen the Captain of the Cornelia Marie on Paula Deen's show... Ah celebrity!

There is also a nice tutorial here on how to make alaskan king crab cakes and how to cook crab legs. Very helpful.