Friday, June 20, 2008

Frugal Drink Recipes

I picked up an ice shaver at a yard sale, so now I am looking for ways to use it (besides the obvious margaritas). I've used it once so far to make a snow cone for the Princess!

Iced Mocha Latte Even with the half-n-half it's still cheaper than the coffee house.

Honey Lemonade, not sure how frugal (read cheap) with the honey, but sounds excellent!

Clearly I am still looking, an it hasn't gotten used much because of the recent chilly spell, I'm sure by the end of summer I'll have whipped up many new icy things to share!!!


Jack Burton said...

Try some halo-halo. You'll never go back to the "normal" stuff.

But you have to find a Filipino to teach you an authentic recipe. Most of what you find on the net is not truely representative.

Eduardo said...

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