Friday, May 9, 2008

Flax seed

I have been using Hodgson Mill Milled Flax Seed, 12-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 8) for all of my flax seed needs. But thanks to a CVS extra care buck offer and a coupon a few months back I have been using the Nature's Bounty Flax Seeds, Farm Direct Cold-Milled Organic, 15 Ounces (Pack of 2).

I'm not sure if one is better than the other. I do know that at regular price the Hodgson Mill flax seed is the cheaper option. Other wise I haven't done a real side by side comparison.

I do try to add a couple tablespoons to all of my baked goods. I figure a little bit is better than none at all. We aren't huge fish eaters & when we do it's usually fish sticks or fillets. And occasionally my son will get to eat some Lake Erie Walleye. I don't let the Princess yet. She is still such a peanut that I am afraid of pollutants, maybe when she gets bigger I'll let her have it once in while but she needs some body mass first !!!