Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Roofing choices

Explore GAF Roofing Options!
I am starting to look at roofing materials again. We just attended a home show & I found the neatest product, looked like slate but wasn't. Of course for the money they wanted I could do slate!!!

So when I stumbled across these GAF Elk Camelot Slate look tiles I am more than a little interested. These tiles come in a wide array of colors & from the pictures on the website sort of look like slate, which is the look I'm going for. I'd have to look at the samples in person but I'd lean more towards the Williamsburg Slate or the Sheffield Black.

My roof isn't one that we can just climb a ladder & lay down some shingles. I wish I could say that it was but 3 1/2 stories above ground & very sloped is not where I would want to be!!! The site allows me to look up local distributors & I found a few I just haven't found a price. That is the biggest concern. I want the most bang for my dollar ya know!!!

It is over 400 pounds per square (which is heavy?) & claims to be 60% thicker than most other premium shingles, I haven't verified that claim yet. It has stain guard & was tested in a controlled situation to withstand 110 mile per hour winds.

I am looking for a LONG warranty, preferably lifetime & transferable, which these claim to be. I'm sure there are stipulations that have to be followed for installing to keep the warranty (aren't there always). But again, it's not like I'm going up there with a bucket of nails & some shingles anytime soon!!!

Of course the Camelot aren't the only GAF choices, there are plenty of other styles & lots of colors. And I’m sure your contractor can get them (or special order them from your local lumber supply place!)