Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kitchen Equipment

Now that we are putting off the kitchen work until later in the year I am letting my mind wander through all the possibilities of making it a dream kitchen, or at least a dream budget kitchen!!! In my design I am tring to figure our how to incorporate an enclume pot rack. They look very sturdy & come in so many styles it's almost hard to choose one that I like more than another.

My issues is that I don't have any wall space for a wall rack & the ceiling is dropped so hanging a hundred pounds of pots & enclume pot rack isn't really an option. I'm not sure how I'm going to store my pots, the other issue with an open storage plan is that I don't have pretty pots! Just average normal, ugly pots.

If I had the wall space I'd love one of the bakers racksbut the styling is too modern for my kitchen. I really would like one of the copper enclume pot racks. I am trying to decide between copper & wrought iron. My cupboards are both oak & black, the couter is gray slate & the backsplash is copper. So I could go either way.