Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Freezer Bread Dough

I made this recipe today. I used half bread flour and half all purpose flour & I only ended up using 6 cups not the full 7 1/2. I also used my stand mixer, so no hand kneading for me. I baked 2 loaves as bread & rolled the 3rd out for pizza dough it worked nicely.

I left the 2 loaves to rise for about an hour before baking them (greased the pans with cooking spray & the loaf & put them in a warm oven). Baked at 350, I'm not sure how long, I took them out when they started to brown on top.

Freezer Bread Dough


Colleen said...

Can I ask you about using the stand mixer for kneading? How long do you let it go? I would love to try using the mixer for that. Thanks!