Thursday, October 4, 2007

Pizza Dough Abm

Pizza Dough Abm
1/2 T Yeast
3 1/4 C Flour
1 T Sugar
1/2 T Salt
1/4 C Olive oil
1 1/8 C Water
-----TO SHAPE PIZZA-----
Corn meal

Bring all ingredients to room temp and add to bread maker.
Select "white  dough" cycle and press Start.

At end of cycle, remove dough and divide into halves. Preheat oven
to 450.   Roll or shape into pizzas on surface dusted with cornmeal. Add
toppings of  choice and bake 15 minutes on bottom rack, to make sure crust gets

Sylvia's notes: I modified this from one posted on GEnie by G.GARVEY2
10/30/91, and was thoroughly delighted with the result. The dough
was easy  to work with and stretched well; I even played "Italian pizza
maker" and  threw the thing into the air to stretch it. We had company for
dinner, and  when I asked for comments because I wasn't an accomplished pizza
maker, one  guest responded "you are now!"

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