Monday, June 11, 2007

Beef Ribs in the oven

Didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted here.  I've cooked many a yummy meal in the time that has past.  Mostly burgers & hot dogs though!  The kids tend to win out this time of year as does the grill.  Tonight I have a rack of beef ribs roasting at 225 degrees they've been in there since 1:15 PM, they should be good and happy by the time hubby gets home.  He will finish them off on the grill with some store bought BBQ sauce, mostly because I don't feel like making my own tonight!  Usually I dry rub, braise (last time I used some leftover cranberry & Niagara wine, yum) & then make a sauce with the leftover liquid, ketchup & sugar (usually both brown sugar & molasses).  Tonight I just wrapped them in foil & tossed them in the oven.  Probably serve with curly fries & a vegetable (corn, broccoli, whichever gets more votes).

I've also got a pound & a half of ground beef in the fridge, that will probably be meatloaf tomorrow.  We have a baseball game, so I'll get it done early so we can eat first then hubby can eat when we get home.

Wednesday is hubby's birthday (35, ha ha) so I'm not sure what we'll do for food, probably steak.

Thursday I haven't planned yet, but either hot dogs or burgers or grilled cheese, depending on weather.

Friday we are back to the ball field, so who knows, Pizza takeout will probably sound really good!

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