Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shortcuts worth sharing (Taste of Home)

I have been getting the Taste of Home monthly newsletter for quite some time now (as demonstrated by the fact that the April 2006 email is still in my inbox???)

Shortcuts Worth Sharing
TRY these timely tips from fellow readers and you’ll be asking yourself, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?”

• Keep your steel wool scouring pad in a plastic bag in the freezer between uses. It won’t rust and thaws quickly under warm water. —Susan D., Oliver Beach, Maryland

• When using bulk chocolate to coat candies, set the bowl of melted chocolate into a larger bowl of boiling water to keep from having to reheat it. —Doris C., Minneapolis, Minnesota

• When making a lot of sandwiches for my family or for a potluck or gathering, I spread the mayonnaise or butter with a spatula instead of a knife. Broader strokes save time. —Connie S., Glennallen, Alaska

• Before putting uncooked meat or any sticky, drippy food into a resealable plastic bag, first fold down the opening to prevent clogging up the “zipper.” —Regina D., Angleton, Texas

• To make mini quiche appetizers, I use a turkey baster to fill tart shells with the egg and milk mixture. Then I sprinkle on chopped green onions, pimientos and shredded Swiss cheese. —Toni S., Loveland, Ohio

• For quick egg salad or potato salad, use an egg poacher. In minutes, you’ll have hard-cooked eggs without the time-consuming and tedious job of boiling water and peeling shells. —Pat P., Waukesha, Wisconsin

• By coating the saucepan and the inside of the lid with nonstick cooking spray before boiling chicken, I save a lot of scouring. The mess easily wipes out of the pan with a paper towel. —Pam L., Dallastown, Pennsylvania
~From the April 2006 Taste Of Home email Newsletter