Thursday, April 5, 2007

I am a top 100 Mom Blog!

How cool!!! A lot of Mom Bloggers (99 others, to be exact) made Mother's Day Central's list of 100 Mom bloggers! Of course this blog is in the food & cooking category, but lots of the blogs I read regularly are in the un-categorizable (if it ain't a word yet it is now!) department!

Click the link or the button on the side bar to check out the cool website & the other blogs who made the list!


manzkie said...

It's something you must be proud of. Congratulations.

Lisa Knight said...

Not exceptionally!!! It was just a "spam" "link" thing, but it's fun & a really cute button!!!

Graham said...

Nice post...I like to shop with coupons at Mikasa & Company store....!