Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blackend Walleye

I am not sure where I got the recipe, but I have a collection, since my brother in an avid fisher & we always find ourselves overstocked with fish!

Blackened Walleye

Be careful with the cayenne or you will have a super spicy piece of fish.

Fire up your grill.

Dip thawed fillets in melted butter (add a little lemon juice) or if you want your fish to be fat free substitute white wine.

Place the fillets on the grill and season them with cayenne pepper, black pepper, garlic powder, and salt.

Put the lid back on your grill.

After 5 minutes (approx. for a fillet from a 2-3 lb. walleye) remove the lid and loosen the fillets from the grill surface, DO NOT FLIP OR TURN THE FILLETS.

Baste the fillets with butter or wine and re-season if necessary. Put the lid back on the grill.

Wait another 5 minutes and your fillets should be ready. They are ready when the thickest part of the fillet is white and will flake off.