Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep Fried Walleye

In looking for a fried walleye recipe I stumbled upon this...

Deep Fried Fish

Here’s a twist on some similar recipes that gets the best reviews from our fishing group every year:

Cut walleye pieces cross-wise into 3-4” chunks (narrower strips work great too for kids and finger eating)

In a plastic bag with plenty of Krusteaz pancake mix, shake pieces until coated.

Coat pieces in a mixture of beaten eggs, condensed milk and favorite seasoning.

In another plastic bag with Hungry Jack potato flakes, shake pieces til coated.

Then place in deep fat fryer and serve when golden brown.


The Krusteaz mix seals up the fish to keep in moisture and adds a bit of sweetness to the flavor.

You can easily add variation to the recipe by mixing Shore Lunch, Frying Magic, cayenne pepper, etc to the potato flakes.

An amply sized deep fryer is essential, as opposed to a frying pan due to the consistent oil temp and control over the process.

After experimenting for many years, this recipe has emerged as the absolute favorite of our seasoned fishing group. Hope you all will give it a try!

Ron Jansen