Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Penny Pincher

Weekly Penny Pincher This is one of my favorite parts of the Taste of home Weekly Menusaver Newsletter.

* When I need to close a bag of something in my pantry, I use the black clips that are used in offices. They come in multiple sizes and are easy to use even with one hand. I keep an assortment in a kitchen drawer for easy access—and keep the rest in my office! —Karen K., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
* Whenever I cook elbow macaroni, I always cook extra. After it has cooled, I store it in a freezer bag or container in the freezer. Then when I want to stretch soup or chili, I simply take out what I need of the macaroni and add to the soup. I do the same thing when I make boxed macaroni and cheese. It adds a special flavor. —Louise D., Harbor City, California
* Extend the life of herbs by standing them up in a glass of water in the fridge. Go a step further by chopping some with kitchen shears and filling an ice cube tray half-full. Fill the rest with water and freeze. Take out a cube or two when needed for cooking. —Lynda C., Coventry, Rhode Island
* I often send cookies and treats to friends in other states and to nephews in the military. I've found that if I make cookies about the same size as the diameter of a potato chip can (like Pringles comes in), I can stack cookies inside the can and use them for shipping. This works particularly well with "slice and bake" types of cookies like shortbread. The cookies stay fresher because they are sealed in the can and don't get broken into crumbs as easily. —Angela M., White Cloud, Michigan