Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's for the "sweets" challenged

I am no gourmet, just an average Mom who like to make messes in the kitchen. My talents lean heavy towards the baking end of the culinary spectrum. I can get creative with FOOD but it usually gets little noses in a twist, therefore I tend to stick with the basics. Sad for my taste buds, but I'll live! I lean towards baking goodies of all kinds anyways and not too many complaints about it when I do.

If you aren't so talented, don't have the kitchen, don't have the time to whip up something fabulous for your sweeties, or want to send something to distant sweeties on Valentine's Day David's Cookies is a great online solution. For $4.95 flat rate shipping you can send your loved ones a really great treat! If you want the props they even offer cookie dough, so you can enjoy the rewards of loved ones thinking you made a HUGE effort.

David's Cookies has a variety of special needs products as well including sugar free & no sugar added treats. And if you look for it, all products are Kosher Dairy certified.

Why not check out David's Cookies monthly subscriptions section. I know I wouldn't complain about getting a cookie of the month! What a great gift if you are in sales, something that arrives every month to remind your clients about you & your business.


Varun Gupta said...

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