Saturday, January 31, 2009

Restaurant Supplies

I find that the way I cook/bake leads me to use up my equipment more like a pro would. So why not start out with pro-grade stuff!

Professional cookware is my goal. I try to replace things little by little with pro-grade stuff. Cookware, cutting tools, bakeware, even storage, when we do our big kitchen remodel I will be basing it on a restaurant/bakery kitchen not what's going on in the magazines!

I am focused mainly on baking, so baking products are my thing. There is nothing better than using a restaurant equipment grade baking pan for you cookies. I have 2 and they are fabulous, I need a bunch more, because when the holidays are here I can have up to 8 sheets going at once!

If you are looking for food service supplies they have everything from disposables to soup pots! The list goes on and on. I'm bookmarking this link because they stock Bunn repair parts & I have a Bunn!

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TJLoop85 said...

I have to agree that cooking with professional equipment or restaurant quality supplies definitely makes a huge difference.

I actually shop at a store that offers restaurant supplies and you cannot beat the price and quality.