Monday, October 27, 2008

How are you cutting back?

How are you cutting back, saving money, being frugal?

We have cut back a lot on our extra spending, grocery lists are bare bones, toiletries are bought matching coupons to sales & reward programs until they are practically free. We don't eat out much anymore, and a lot of home improvement projects have been put on the back burner.

Even though I am overdue for a vision check up, I don't have to put it off, just procrastinating on making the appointment. Thankfully we are blessed with basic vision coverage in our insurance package. They'll pay for a visit & either glasses or contacts once every 2 years. Of course contacts have to be rechecked every year, so I'm not sure how they figure that's helpful...

Anyways, I am going next month to get my new prescriptions. I need both, so the way I see it, I'm going with the more expensive option on the insurance & that would be my contacts. I have an astigmatism & contacts are never cheap! But my glasses are 2 years old as well & look like I set them on sandpaper everynight. So how do I avoid a huge bill for glasses? Try the internet!

I discovered eyeglasses can be purchased cheaply online. Zenni Optical has a fantastic selection of cheap packages starting at $8 a pair. That includes the lenses,anti-scratch coating, hard case, & microfiber cleaning cloth! That's a lot for only $8. The frame selection is huge, ranging from hip to classic. And believe me the frames I got 2 years ago are ugly by comparison to the selection here!

There are even detailed instructions of what you need to get from your Optometrist for your order. Upgrade options include tinting, anti-reflective coating, clip on sun shades, and photochromic lenses. They even have a selection of Ski goggles.


Potato Chef said...

Lisa I think everybody is cutting back right now. We have decided to put a few larger purchases we were planning on making on hold for right now.

I'm afraid the economy will get worse before we see it getting even a little better.

I'm glad your found a such a bargain for eye glasses. It is one of those items that you shouldn't put off.

Anonymous said...

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