Saturday, October 25, 2008

Extreme Lighting has a huge variety of specialized light fixtures. Don't think pretty, think industrial!

They have a huge selection of explosion proof lighting. Including flashlights, hand held (like for under the car hood), stand work lights, ceiling fixtures, tank lights. If you need to light a confined space, or just want to make sure your lights don't set off an explosion... I can see this being a big deal in an earthquake area, or even in your home's garage. Especially if you do a lot of work with paint or chemicals. Who couldn't find an excuse to own a waterproof explosion proof flashlight??? I'm wondering why we don't already.

What caught my eye are the wireless remote control spotlights- AC and car battery DC. I'm not sure if it was the camouflage casing or the huge candle power ratings they have, but these are cool! The men in my life would freak out to open one of these on Christmas morning. I just know that this would have come in handy the other night when my hunters were out bow hunting & lost the deer's trail. They had to call in a dog tracking service. I imagine if they had been able to better illuminate the area they would have saved a few hours of their evening!

The cool factor comes in with the remote. If they had mounted it to my brother's 4 wheeler, or had it hand held they could use the remote from up to 150 feet away. If you are out in the woods tracking after dusk, you never know which way your trail will lead. This would be so helpful! Of course the deer tracking service wouldn't have gotten the donation my Dad had to pay to have them come.