Tuesday, September 30, 2008

There's No Accounting for Taste -- Disgusting Halloween Recipe Most Popular with Public

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LOS ANGELES, CA 2008 - FabulousFoods.com, one of the net's most popular cooking sites, boasts thousands of recipes to whet the appetites of hungry web surfers, including dishes by such culinary luminaries as Emeril Lagasse, Jamie Oliver, Mollie Katzen, Jacques Torres and more. So what's the one of the most heavily trafficked recipes on the site? A gross and disgusting Halloween recipe called the "Infamous Kitty Litter Cake."

The cake, which looks exactly like its namesake -- it's even served in a kitty litter pan with a pooper-scooper (new and clean, of course) -- makes FabulousFoods.com editor Cheri Sicard chuckle. "People love to think about making and serving the cake," she says. "They just love to email the page (complete with photo) to friends and family!"

When asked if she's ever made and served the cake herself, Sicard admits that at the requests of party throwing friends, she's made the cake twice. And both times the hostess ended up with a lot of leftover cake. "The Kitty Litter Cake looks far too realistic to be appetizing. It truly is tasty, but it's just too hard for most people to get beyond the visual impact and actually eat it," Sicard says.

Sicard's business partner Mitch Mandell says the pair were shocked at the popularity of the novelty cake. "That recipe has been wildly popular since it first went online over ten years ago," he says, "and it continues to draw tons of hits today, and not just at Halloween, but all year long."

Mandell can be proud, however, as the one recipe out of the 1000s on the site that out performs the Kitty Litter Cake is his own personal formula for homemade pizza dough. "You just can't compete with a great pizza," he laughs.

To catch a glimpse of the Kitty Litter cake for yourself, along with tons of other Halloween recipes, visit FabulousFoods.com. While Halloween may be one of the most popular holidays covered at the site, they also offer recipes, cooking tips, advice, and articles for celebrations throughout the year.

Kitty Litter Cake URL -- www.fabulousfoods.com/component/resource/article/109/17836

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Cheri Sicard said...

This is Cheri, editor of FabulousFoods.com, creator of the above cake. Believe it or not, we had a reader contact us yesterday saying the cake "wasn't realistic enough" and asking advice on how to make the cookie crumbs gray. I think she's determined not to have anyone actually eat it.

Frugal Finds said...

This looks great!!!!!