Thursday, July 24, 2008

Key Ingredients

I think I may have mentioned Key Ingredients here before. But this site is awesome! I typed in "French Toast" and tons of results popped up, the bonus, it gives you code to post in your blog like this:

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast

See Strawberry Stuffed French Toast on Key Ingredient.

As you may have guessed I am addicted to recipes(and fabric, and home decor ideas). The problem is that I have more than I think I could cook! Occasionaly I find one that makes it into the constant rotation (crockpot lasagna, flaxseed pizza crust). Usually they are made once and then forgotten. But with Key Ingredients, a neat easy to read recipe is always at hand!

They have features that let you collect recipes, set up grocery lists, add friends, and type in your own recipes.

There is even a recently added feature. The "Easy Whole Wheat Pizza Dough" sounds yummy! I'm sure the "Black Bean Nacho Grilled Pizza" is tasty but I'm not sure how my kiddos would feel about it! They are regular pizza kids, don't mess with it! Although they did seem to like the chicken finger pizza, as long as we got it plain or mild.

How about the Peach White-Wine Sangria from the July 2005 Gourmet? Yummy! When you add a recipe to your collection on the site you can choose a "cookbook" so if you are looking for saved beverages, they'll all be in your "beverage" file. Or whatever you want to call it!

I think I will use this site regularly!