Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One of my 2008 Goals

I resovled for 2008 that I would do better at sending out cards for special occasions to family & friends. Well the USPS postage increase and the fact that all my cards were lame & missing envelopes put an end to that! If I had found these birthday card packs last year my goal might not have been so daunting. I'd have only had to contend with the postage.

The birthday value pack figures in at only $1.60 per card after shipping (cheapest option). That isn't so bad considering the last card I bought at the store was $3.89. There might be some money left over for the stamp. The savings in gas alone...

I know that it's the worst to try to pick out a card while doing your regular shopping. I have recent experience with this one, baby shower, eeek. This means I will have at least one kid & a hubby in tow. It either becomes a futile effort of reading the funny ones or an argument with the kids about not touching EVERY card.

I usually don't care for the selection of cards in value packs, there usually seems to be a couple good ones & then a bunch you wouldn't even dream of sending to your Grandma. The selection of cards in the value packs seemed decent enough, even a little high class. No weird pictures of birds or cute little cartoon lambs, LOL!