Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lemon Bar Failure

*** Update*** I tried some later in the evening & it wasn't nearly as bad as right after dinner, still very sour, but tolerable. We had the bean salad for a side dish & I think it was just too much acidity al together...

I received my first issue of Everyday Food today & just had to try the Creamy Lemon Squares. I have been craving tangy lemon for a while now & I had the ingredients (or so I thought).

I made the shortbread crust, yummy, smelled wonderful. Then to the filling 4 egg yolks, a can of sweetened condensed milk & lemon (3/4 cup fresh). Well I only had the "lemon" that Aldi has, it's a lovely green jar! Works great as a drain freshener & making lemonade, so why not. Well I used the whole 3/4 cup. Guess I should have cut it back a bit (or added more sugar). I baked them, chilled them & served them... EWWWWWW. Even my husband couldn't eat them. All you could smell was the milk & all you could taste was lemon. It wasn't pleasant at all.

Lesson learned never directly sub bottle for the real thing with out tasting it first...

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