Friday, February 1, 2008

New Content Marketing Site

Buzzfuse is a new content marketing tool for bloggers or people who just want to get their "stuff" out there. You upload your contacts (at least 10) and then submit your article, post, photo (coming soon), music for distribution. If you pay for a premium membership they are testing a pay for performance model. If you have 30 contacts in your circle you can (for a short time) qualify for an upgrade. There are some requirements but if you have the contacts... Me I haven't uploaded my 10 yet!!!

It's easy enough to use, you just ad a snippet of code into your html. Bam there is a little button on your post. Of course my test didn't work, I need to add 3 email addresses before it will :D.

It feels almost like a social networking site but a little less "social" & a lot more marketing. It didn't take long for me to find some decent indie music and a bunch of blogs I've never before visited.