Sunday, January 13, 2008

Eyeglasses on the cheap.

As I am sitting here I realize that it is that time, time to buy new glasses. Thanks to my daughter & myself constantly knocking them off the nightstand my current pair has become annoyingly scratched. It is time to make that dreaded eye exam appointment. Last time I had one I went to a "REAL" optomitrist who tried to pull some switch to get me to buy $300 contact lenses. I gave up & stuck with the glasses. Of course they weren't anything that I would have chosen for myself, but I was given a rack of 12 to choose from. They have barely lasted the 2 years, the plastic frames discolored at the nose & the lense coating itself has started to peel. So much for "quality."

This time I will go back to the Wally world optomitrist & order my glasses online. I am hoping to hear "Thank you for using Zenni Optical". If you wear glasses & haven't been to the site, go browse. I did manage to find a pair that I liked in the $8 category, they are so inexpensive I might buy 2 pair. I found a realy awesome pair in the Euro Classic line for $23.95. Maybe I'll get the $8 pair tinted for sunglasses! Fancy!!!