Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Printer Cartridges

I have often felt like it would be cheaper & easier to replace my printer instead of the ink cartridges! Especially the old Lexmark all in one that we have, the cartridges never worked right after they were refilled. I actually did buy a small printer that came with the ink, put the printer by the curb for some lucky free-cycler!

Now I have an HP Desk-jet D4160. It's a nice printer & the ink has lasted forever, but we are nearing replacement time. And I am left facing the option of going to Wal-mart on Friday & paying $34 for a new & very similar model or going to Cartridge Finder to find replacement cartridges. The Frugal Momma in me is torn, while replacing the cartridge is the "greener" option but with $17.99 - $28 for the color ink & $16 - $22 for the black ink the new printer is the "cheaper" option.