Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Some recipes worth saving

INNside Innkeeping B&B Breakfast Menu  I can't wait for my garden to start producing so I can have fresh veggies!

The Common Room, Bulk Brownie Mix This I need - After all I am well stocked on flour at the moment!

Stop The Ride, Boiled Black Berry Dumplings & Berry Syrup Not sure what we have growing wild out back in the woods, just waiting to see what color it turns & hope I get to them before the critters do, like they got to my strawberry plants, grrr!

Sunflowers in my Kitchen, Granola Bars Love granola, might try with mini choc chips for the kids!

Little Wool Gathering, Stuffed Peppers I love stuffed peppers, I have a fantastic crock pot soup that tastes like stuffed peppers!  Of course I am one of the only family members who likes these yummy bits, so I'll probably make a batch & freeze them individually.  Once I have green peppers that is!

Most of these links were submitted to Make it from Scratch #19.  There are many more great submissions but I am obviously hungry!

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wornoutwoman said...

Hey there. I added some more recipes I think you'll like. Check under 'wheat free recipes' at:

Mississippi Songbird said...

Oh..Loved these recipes... Kudos!
Have a great weekend..