Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Venison our only red meat

Ok so 99% of the red meat we eat is venison. Most all of the recipes I make that call for beef I substitute venison for it. Usually the only thing I buy beef is round steaks, or London broils.

Sometimes I do mix ground beef & venison, this usually make for moister burgers/meatballs... If I am just making a casserole or anything else I will only use the venison.

We tend to eat a lot of venison around here! It isn't like I prefer it to beef, just the opposite, but it's what we have lots of. Usually a freezer full at this time of year. My family has 4 deer this year, not bad between 4 hunters, but it is usually around 6... You have to understand my Father hunts, my husband hunts, my brother hunts everything (turkey, deer, bow or gun), & my brother-in-law hunts. This is just the family...we have tons of friends that hunt & they organize huge hunting parties at least 2x a season...

I like to use venison in the crock pot best. I think the slow roasting & the right sauces make all of the difference in the texture. Our favorite stews usually only have venison in them.

If you don't have a hunter in the family, I have seen where you can purchase venison, but I don't know why you would...